We are a firm specialized in Promotional Gifts, only that we employ Gifts as the basis for Dynamic Promotion – strictly a design and manufacture concept developed by us - through integrating either the graphics and / or the elements of our Client's Logos and Mottoes in our Products in order to enhance the image sought after as well as presenting to the public a practical gadget or tool that keeps reminding them of that particular Client.

Our vision and work are new to the whole region. As such, our work entails using promotion as an important parameter for the structuring or the restructuring of the image of our clients. This is done through the design of distinctive and personalized nature of products and the immaculate manufacturing of the products themselves, and it is all done in accordance with the vision and objectives of our Clients.

In line with the above mentioned parameters, customization of Giveaway Items with the unlimited ideas within the reach of our designers becomes a major promotional tactic. This tactic not only supplements but sometimes replaces most of the other collective promotional tactics as it brings to the individual customer a tangible element or tool that he can utilize or put to use. The real value of this can be felt through the versatility of producing a wide range of products to address various target groups, segments or sub-segments.

We participate our role as humans in following three major issues:

1-Quality: quality of life is our main reference. We translate this in the quality of our products as each gift will be sent to a human being whom we respect.

2-Environmentally Friendly: we try to spread the message of preserving the Environment .We translate this message through a wide variety of eco- friendly products.

3-Social responsibility: we carry this message through some of products that will try to help protecting against communicable diseases- do not destroy a tree  ... etc.

Our group consists of companies founded in Palestine and Jordan, as well as five liaison offices in the Far East: in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China to follow up on Quality Control.