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Our group launched the "Target Marketing" Program as a Communication Tool intended to be availed to you in order to address the following:

1.Communication between you and various target    groups whose products are related to your orders

2.Communication among members of groups to formulate their needs and work towards finding available facilities that improve their performance in the economic sphere.

3.Communication between people who are having mutual concerns and interdependent special design programs.

4.Communication between people having shared requirements, services and affiliated product providers

The needs of an individual, institution or company may be accomplished singularly and detachedly, not necessarily within any particular mechanism, manner, and prerequisites but surely it shall not yield the benefits expected from it as much as when these requirements, services and product surveying are being embraced under "Target-Marketing". As such it will be possible to improve the conditions for better tuning of your needs, and definitely would guarantee a better and maximized return for all participants in this Program and Service.

Our program aims at forming a large family working together to attain aspired-for collective and individual goals, improve performance and maximize returns, all in a shorter time and less costly manner for all needs ranging from products, services to varied programs.

The slogan of our program is "Welcome to The Family".

Our services are:

1.Program, Product and Service Designs

2.Declaration Mail Routing Service

3.Advertisement and SMS Routing Service

To this end, our teams are performing comprehensive field surveys to collect selected and filtered data in all Cities, Villages and Camps of the West Bank. These teams shall be continually in touch with you in order to provide services to you and hear your suggestions.

In addition to our teams, an email service shall be dedicated to receive your requirements, opinions, and suggestions.